International client focus


Chudnovsky Law is a boutique law firm based in Southern California focused on the unique needs of international clients. The entire practice is aligned to serve the immigration, investment, tax and business law needs of foreign investors, entrepreneurs and professionals. This focus helps clients navigate highly complex US laws to achieve their goals and minimize the risk of failure.


Pre-immigration planning


US immigration, tax and estate laws are complex and can require careful consideration for foreigners planning a move to or investment in the US. This is especially true for high net worth clients who may become subject to worldwide taxation. Chudnovsky Law often provides pre-immigration consulting for clients considering US investment or immigration. This can help answer common questions such as how to select between different investment, residency and visa options and how to open US banking accounts.


Investment & business development resources


Our firm offers clients access to a large network of contacts and resources to help speed up business development, find investment opportunities and simplify accessing US markets. The firm can also help find and coordinate other professionals, when needed, such as international estate & tax specialists, asset protection, accountants, bankers, business brokers, real estate consultants and business consultants. 



Our firm offers one stop, streamlined immigration services developed for the special needs of investors and entrepreneurs. When making large investments, it is wise to minimize risk of failure by using attorneys who are experienced in utilizing the highly complex laws in the client's favor.

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The US offers many advantages for immigrating families including a high quality of life, a world class education system, and a wealth of future opportunities for children. Chudnovsky Law helps clients utilize the full range of immigration options available to achieve their family immigration goals.

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Invest in US Real Estate and Business


The vibrant US market offers a wealth of investment opportunities. The US is a prime destination for immigration because it is investor-friendly with vast choices and potential rewards. Various investment choices are available such as real estate, technology, entrepreneurial ventures and professional services.