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  Former Prosecutor & Public Defense Lawyers

You can count on our former government lawyers to use their knowledge of the legal system and experience successfully handling 8,000+ cases to skillfully defend your rights and fight your case.

  Now Providing an Aggressive Defense for You

When the stakes are high, it is critical to hire a skilled criminal defense lawyer to intervene early to aggressively defend your case and try to get the case dropped before it even goes to court.


California Criminal Defense Attorney

If your freedom is on the line due to a criminal charge or investigation, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to skillfully protect you and fight your case.

As former government lawyers, we know the legal system inside and out

Our former Deputy District Attorney Prosecutor & Public Defense lawyers prosecuted and defended 1,000's of cases working as government lawyers. We know how prosecutors & police investigate and construct cases against you, where to find any weaknesses and how to create the most successful defense strategies.

Our lawyers not only know the system, they are at home in it. Our criminal defense lawyers have a proven track record of 60+ years of combined experience successfully handling over 8,000+ cases and jury trials throughout Southern California.


Top Rated Criminal Defense Lawyers

Often it is not the facts of the case that result in a great outcome, but understanding the system, relationships and a skillful presentation of your case to the judge or prosecutor.

Our criminal defense attorneys know what judges, the Los Angeles District Attorney's and Orange County District Attorney's offices are thinking and what they need to know in order to reach the best possible outcome.

Team of criminal lawyers, investigators & experts

We have top investigators and experts available when needed to conduct interviews, testify & gather evidence to exonerate you.

Our California criminal defense lawyers also have resources we can work with to create a mitigation package to explain to the District Attorney's office why a case should be dropped or reduced before it ever reaches a courtroom.

Multilingual immigration and criminal lawyers for foreign citizens

The intersection between immigration and criminal law is one of the most complex areas of US law. Chudnovsky Law is recognized as a leader in criminal defense for non-US citizens and minimizing the immigration consequences of criminal charges. The firm provides multilingual legal services to clients from all countries.


Don't wait for prosecutors to make the first move

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Practice Areas


Criminal Defense Practice Areas

Our experienced criminal defense lawyers have handled over 8,000 cases and jury trials involving virtually every type of criminal charge. Chudnovsky Law also represents clients under investigation, working with the District Attorney's office or Federal prosecutors to show why a case should be dropped or reduced before charges are even filed.

Chudnovsky Law represents clients for California and Federal criminal matters including:


Foreign citizen criminal defense

DUI drunk driving defense

  • DWI, Driving While Intoxicated

  • Vehicular Assault and Manslaughter

  • Felony Drunk Driving

  • Child Endangerment

  • Drunk in Public

Sex crimes

  • Indecent Exposure, Lewd Conduct

  • Internet Sex Crime

  • Sexual Assault, Statutory Rape

  • Criminal Sexual Conduct

  • Sex Solicitation

  • Prostitution

White collar crime

  • Identity Theft

  • Financial Crimes

  • Tax Crimes

  • Credit Card Fraud

  • Extortion

  • Fraud

  • Forgery

  • Embezzlement

  • Insurance Fraud

Post-conviction services

  • Driving License Restoration

  • Parole & Probation Violations

Theft & property crimes

  • Armed Robbery, Burglary

  • Credit Card Theft

  • Misdemeanor Theft

  • Shoplifting

  • Federal Crime Defense

  • Receiving Stolen Property

Federal criminal defense

  • White Collar Crimes

  • Medicare Fraud, Medicaid Fraud

  • Interstate Drug Crimes

  • Federal Financial Crimes

  • Money Laundering

  • Tax Fraud, Tax Evasion

  • Insider Trading

  • Bank Fraud, Forgery

  • Conspiracy, Espionage

  • Securities Fraud

Assault & violent crime

  • Hit and Run

  • Weapons Charge

  • Domestic Violence

  • Homicide

  • Arson Charges

  • Stalking

  • Aggravated Assault

  • Assault with Intent to Murder

  • Gun Law and Charges, Felony Firearm

Drug crime

  • Pot Dispensary Violations

  • Possession with Intent to Deliver

  • Marijuana Crimes

  • Making Hash Oil, Honey Oil

  • Drug Possession

  • Prescription Drug Charges

  • Federal & Major Felony Drug Trafficking

  • Drug Cultivation and Manufacturing

  • Drug Distribution and Sales

Elder abuse & neglect

Juvenile offenses


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Don't wait for prosecutors to make the first move.

Call 844 325-1444 for a Free, confidential case review to start your defense! We are available 7 days a week.


Foreign Citizen Criminal Defense Lawyers

Our team of criminal defense attorneys and immigration attorneys know how to balance DUI and criminal law defense with immigration consequences. A criminal charge does not have to mean you'll be convicted or deported. We have the knowledge and experience to skillfully defend your rights and reach the best outcome possible. There is hope no matter what the charge.

Criminal Immigration Defense Attorney

If you are not a United States citizen, a California or Federal crime conviction can have serious consequences for your immigration status. Under US immigration law, criminal convictions can lead to a non-citizen being deported regardless of how long they have lived in the US or how well-established their life is here. Also, certain California criminal convictions can make an immigrant "inadmissible", meaning they:

  1. Cannot renter the US after leaving

  2. Cannot become a US citizen

  3. Cannot apply for adjustment of status or permanent residence

In some cases you do not even need to be convicted of a crime to be deported. This is because a non-citizen can be made deportable or inadmissible simply for engaging in certain kinds of conduct, such as drug trafficking or prostitution, even if they are never convicted of this activity in a criminal court.

Tragically, many immigrants who face California or Federal criminal charges are represented by criminal defense attorneys who do not understand the immigration consequences of certain outcomes, including guilty or "no contest" pleas. A criminal defense lawyer may offer good advice on how to reduce a criminal sentence. But that advice may lead to a result for the client that is far worse than a longer sentence including removal from the country that they know as home.

This is why it is extremely important for all non-citizens facing criminal charges to be represented by a criminal defense and immigration attorney who understands both immigration and criminal law. Now that President Trump has taken executive action to increase the number of deportations of immigrants for any reason, including criminal convictions, it is more important than ever.

You have the right to remain silent

US law provides you the 5th Amendment right to not self incriminate. If you are questioned by police or placed under arrest, you do not need to make any statements other than to request a crime defense lawyer. You do not have to answer the questions police ask you, such as where you have been or how much you have had to drink. It is important to be polite and to provide identification to police, but you do not have to make any statements. Your words may be manipulated and used against you. Even native English-speakers are often confused by the legal jargon and semantics used by law enforcement officers. If English is your second language, you may find the officer’s questions confusing, and you may struggle to make yourself clear to investigators.

Criminal defense for international F1 visa students →


What to do if Arrested


What To Do If You Are Arrested or Under Criminal Investigation?

If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges or a criminal investigation, you need to be very careful and smart in how you conduct yourself. Your freedom and life may be on the line. It is in times like these that the advice of experienced counsel should be sought out and followed. The police and prosecutors have tremendous resources and are not your side.

Interacting with the legal system can be intimidating and is full of potential traps. Some things to consider: 

1. Do not make statements to police without your lawyer present

Police interrogations are not a fair fight.  US law provides you the 5th Amendment right to not self incriminate. If a person in custody invokes their right to counsel, the police must stop questioning, and may not resume the interrogation, until the defendant has their attorney present.  Only fools try to talk their way out of criminal charges without a lawyer present.

Police are not your friends. They will not help you and may be diligently working to build a case against you. There is a reason police recite your Miranda Rights and tell you “everything you say can and will be used against you.” It is the absolute truth.

2. Do not speak with anyone about your case in jail, including jail phone calls

One of the most common ways people get themselves in trouble is by talking about their case on the phone in jail or telling other inmates. You cannot trust anyone in jails. You should never speak about your case on a jail call to anyone. Not even in a foreign language. You don't have a right to privacy in jail and whatever language you speak, someone at the DA's office speaks it or can get it translated. And anything you say to anyone can be used against you.

3. Do not consent to any search of your home or vehicle, unless ordered by a search warrant

You have a legitimate expectation of privacy on your property as defined under the Fourth Amendment and in well established court opinions. If law enforcement wants to enter your property to look for evidence to use in court, they generally have to obtain a search warrant from a judge in order to do so. 

4. Do not appear in court by yourself or sign anything without consulting a criminal defense lawyer

No matter how well educated or smart you are, the criminal justice system makes it nearly impossible to do a competent job of representing yourself. Only specialists who are experienced in the system, rules of evidence and assessing all the factors that come up can provide the representation needed to ensure fair justice is done.

5. Do not assume your case is hopeless or be intimidated by a prosecutor into pleading guilty

There are many legal defenses to criminal charges and you should never underestimate the ability of a skilled criminal defense lawyer to successfully fight a case or negotiate a much more favorable plea deal and outcome.

Criminal law is very complex and it's interpretation and practice can vary dramatically by court, prosecutor and the specific circumstances of each unique case. There are many potential defense strategies and countless ways that police and investigators can make mistakes that a skilled defense attorney can use to justify dismissal or reduced charges.

6. Do not interview witnesses or try to investigate your case yourself

This can backfire or hurt your case and taint a key witness. Consult your lawyer and follow their advice on how to proceed and when to use an investigator. Give your attorney the witness list and let them decide whether and how to interview them.

7. Ask your lawyer about alternative sentencing options when appropriate

Alternative sentencing programs are based on the belief that rehab is a more effective solution for offenders than prison. If your case cannot be dismissed or defeated, they can provide attractive alternatives to jail time. We have relationships with many alternative sentencing options that can be proposed to the prosecutor and judge if appropriate. Some of the most common alternative sentencing options include:

  • Therapy treatments

  • House arrest or electronic monitoring

  • Community service

  • Alcoholics anonymous or narcotics anonymous programs

  • Out-patient or residential rehabilitation programs (alcohol or drug)

  • Supervised or unsupervised probation

  • Behavioral management programs for anger or impulse control issues

  • PC-1000 & proposition 36 drug diversion programs

8. Hire a qualified criminal defense lawyer asap

When your freedom, personal & professional life are on the line, it is critical to hire a skilled criminal defense lawyer to intervene fast and early to aggressively defend your case and try to get the case dropped before it even goes to court.

Choose an attorney you feel comfortable with that is very knowledgable about criminal defense. The attorney should be honest and not give you false hopes or exaggerated claims of success. Given the serious consequences of convictions, a highly skilled criminal defense lawyer can be the most important investment you make in your life. 

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Call 844 325-1444 for a Free Consultation

Our Former D.A. Prosecutor & Public Defense Attorneys Are Ready to Help.

If you are looking to hire a criminal defense lawyer, we invite you to call for a Free confidential consultation. We have offices in Los Angeles & Orange County, California.


Our Proactive Approach

Some California criminal defense lawyers take a wait-and-see approach. They stall until the first court date, or until they receive the police reports, before investigating and working up your case.

By contrast, we believe there's no time to waste. The most critical window for defense work may be the first few days following an arrest, or even prior to formal charges being filed. By getting to work immediately, a good lawyer can locate favorable defense evidence and witnesses, and a good lawyer will get a head start towards defeating the charges.

Stop charges before they are filed?

Sometimes it's possible to stop criminal charges from being filed. After making an arrest or investigating a suspected crime, police take their evidence to the district attorney. The D.A. evaluates the potential case and decides what, if any, criminal charges to file. Usually, the prosecutor makes this decision based solely on what police present. But often there's much more to the story.

Many times our criminal lawyers can also meet with the D.A. or federal prosecutor during this same time period. We can present our evidence and witness statements.

Knowing your side of the story may affect the D.A. or federal prosecutor's calculations. When prosecutors see the whole picture, not just what the police or alleged "victim" have to say, they may decide to file lesser charges such as a misdemeanor rather than a felony, for example. Or perhaps even reject the case and not file any criminal charges at all.

We offer second opinions

Perhaps you already have a California criminal defense lawyer. Your case has been pending for awhile. Your attorney advises you on a certain case strategy, such as accepting the D.A.'s offer, or taking the case to trial. Now you face a major life decision and you're just not sure what to do.

We can evaluate your case and offer our independent judgment as to your various options and the merits of each. Much like a patient may see another doctor for a second opinion before making a major life decision, our criminal justice lawyers can give you a legal second opinion. Many clients describe us as the best criminal defense attorneys they have hired.

In the end, we may agree with your current attorney's position. Or we may not. We may suggest a totally different approach. But our advice to you will be unbiased, look only to your best interests, and be based on a careful analysis of all the facts and law.

Contact us for help

We like to start every case by speaking with you and your witnesses to hear exactly what happened. The police and the accusers will have their story. We will be presenting yours. So we start by listening and understanding your side of it. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation to see if we're the best criminal defense lawyer for you.

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Expungement of Criminal Records

While you may have moved on from a criminal conviction in your past, your criminal record has not. In fact, even if you were simply arrested and never charged with or convicted of a crime, that arrest report can remain on your record. Our criminal justice attorneys may be able to remove, or expunge California criminal records through a process known as expungement.

Expungement extracts and isolates criminal records, and prevents them from being disclosed under most circumstances. One of the main benefits of having our criminal defense lawyers expunge California crime records is that you can legally state you have no conviction for that particular criminal offense when asked about your criminal record.

From regaining more access to loans, federal assistance, and education to significantly increasing your chances of obtaining the employment you want, there are a range of benefits that you can enjoy with a clean and clear record. Perhaps most important is the peace of mind you will experience knowing that your past is finally put behind you for good. If you are seeking expungement or sealing a criminal record, contact our criminal justice lawyer as early as possible.

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