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Our California dental license defense attorney represents dentists facing investigations, statement of issues, accusations and disciplinary actions from the Dental Board of California.

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When the stakes are high, our highly skilled professional license & criminal defense attorney will skillfully work to protect your license, your reputation and your career.


Dental Board of California License Defense Lawyer

When a dentist, registered dental assistant or dental hygienist is contacted by an investigator or an attorney for the Dental Board, it is critical to consult with an experienced dental license defense attorney before responding. Often counsel can help present a response that can result in the matter being closed with no formal accusation.

According to Dental Board enforcement statistics, dental professionals typically have on average 6 months between when a complaint is made and a formal Dental Board of California accusation is filed. 

Formal accusations, if filed, will be publicly posted on the Dental Board website, even if the accusation is later dismissed. The objective is to move quickly to avoid a disciplinary review altogether. 

California dentist license defense in Orange County

Our dental license defense lawyer assists clients with every stage of the dental license defense process. We help protect clients' interests throughout any licensing investigations, formal accusations, administrative proceedings, and appeals in front of the Superior court.

Some of the most common causes of Dental Board disciplinary actions include:

  • Reckless or negligent conduct
  • Substance abuse, DUI or criminal charges
  • Breaching the standard of care
  • Medi-Cal billing fraud
  • Unprofessional or sexual misconduct

The Board offers a confidential Diversion Program for licensed Dentists, Registered Dental Assistants, and Registered Dental Assistants whose ability to practice may be impaired due to alcohol and/or drug abuse. The program offers a way to recover without losing your license.

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