Huntington Beach, Seal Beach & Costa Mesa Criminal & DUI Attorneys

If you are facing criminal charges or are under investigation in Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa or Seal Beach you will need an aggressive criminal defense lawyer to fight for the best outcome possible in your case.


Our experienced criminal defense attorneys have a proven track record of handling thousands of criminal cases including virtually every kind of felony, misdemeanor and federal crime. 

Our criminal attorneys have had great success in Orange County courtrooms and have a strong record of acquittals, reductions in charges, and dismissals. We are ready to defend you aggressively and achieve the best possible outcome to your case.

Top Costa Mesa DUI & Criminal Defense

The Huntington Beach criminal defense lawyers at Chudnovsky Law know how the Orange County District Attorney's Office operates and how to work with them. We also know what to look for in Costa Mesa DUI arrest, Seal Beach and Huntington Beach Police reports when constructing your defense. Our criminal lawyers are skilled at analyzing your case and all evidence for weaknesses and using them to build successful defenses against the charges.

Our criminal law office defends all types of criminal & DUI charges including:

  • Huntington Beach Drug Crimes
  • Huntington Beach Burglary
  • Huntington Beach Weapons Charge
  • Huntington Beach Theft Crime
  • Huntington Beach DUI Defense
  • Huntington Beach Embezzlement
  • Huntington Beach Lewd Conduct
  • Huntington Beach Hit And Run
  • Huntington Beach Robbery
  • Huntington Beach Criminal Threats
  • Huntington Beach Assault & Battery
  • Huntington Beach Juvenile Crime
  • Huntington Beach Elder Abuse
  • Costa Mesa Shoplifting
  • Costa Mesa Drunk In Public
  • Costa Mesa Credit Card Fraud
  • Costa Mesa Marijuana Offenses
  • Costa Mesa Forgery
  • Costa Mesa Indecent Exposure
  • Costa Mesa Identity Theft
  • Costa Mesa Domestic Violence
  • Costa Mesa Extortion
  • Costa Mesa Sex Crime
  • Costa Mesa Solicitation
  • Costa Mesa Prostitution
  • Costa Mesa White Collar Crime

We are eager to begin defending you and will immediately begin work on your case.

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Sherry Cross, Criminal & DUI Defense Over 2,700 cases defended

Sherry Cross, Criminal & DUI Defense
Over 2,700 cases defended

Proven Criminal Defense Strategies

If you are charged with a crime, you need an attorney at law who specializes in criminal defense and that will carefully protect your best interests. You need the best Costa Mesa criminal defense lawyers who understand the unique details of your charges and will carefully examine every detail to build a successful criminal defense strategy for your case.

You want the best criminal attorney in Orange County who is experienced in your charges. We have proven our expertise with impressive results.  Our law firm is dedicated to providing the best possible criminal defense for you.

Seal Beach & Huntington Beach DUI defense

If you are charged with a Huntington Beach or Seal Beach DUI or DWI driving while intoxicated, you only have 10 days after a DUI to stop an automatic license suspension. It is critical to act quickly to keep your license.

When your license and criminal record are on the line, you need the best DUI lawyers in Orange County. Our attorneys have developed proven strategies for how to fight DUI charges and win. Regardless of the severity of your case, your DUI lawyer will carefully deconstruct the evidence and uncover any flaws or errors that can contribute to a successful DUI defense. Our aggressive defense will help achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Start Your Defense As Early As Possible

If you have just been arrested or someone you know is in custody for a crime in Orange County, contact us asap. Even if you are under investigation, you need to start working to defend against aggressive prosecutors and police. We believe there's no time to waste. 

The most critical window for defense work may be the first few days following an arrest, or even prior to formal charges being filed. By getting to work immediately, often we can locate favorable defense evidence and witnesses, and get a head start towards defeating the charges. And sometimes it's possible to stop criminal charges from being filed. 


Don't wait for prosecutors to make the first move

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Orange county courts

Our criminal defense lawyers represent clients in all Orange County courts including:

Harbor Justice Center
4601 Jamboree Road
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Central Justice Center
700 Civic Center Drive West
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Lamoreaux Justice Center
341 The City Drive South
Orange, CA 92868-3205

North Justice Center
1275 North Berkeley Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92832

West Justice Center
8141 13th Street, Westminster, CA 92683
Orange, CA 92868-3205

Orange county jails

James Musick Jail
13502 Musick Honor Farm Rd
Irvine, CA 92618

Orange County Central Jail
550 N. Flower St.
Santa Ana, CA 92703
(714) 647-4666

Theo Lacy Jail
501 The City Drive South
Orange, CA 92868
(714) 647-4666

Orange County Juvenile Hall
331 City Drive,
City of Orange, CA 92868
(714) 935-6660

You Need the Best criminal Defense Lawyer

Our firm represents clients throughout Orange County and our experienced criminal defense attorneys understand that criminal charges can have a profound impact on your life. Protecting clients against convictions and penalties is our top priority. Criminal charges can threaten your personal and professional well-being, your parental rights - and put your future on the line. Our experienced Seal Beach & Costa Mesa criminal attorney provides smart, aggressive defense for all types of criminal charges including:

Huntington Beach Sex crimes

  • Huntington Beach Sex Solicitation
  • Internet Sex Crime
  • Criminal Sexual Conduct
  • Huntington Beach Prostitution
  • Indecent Exposure, Lewd Conduct
  • Sexual Assault, Statutory Rape

Costa Mesa Assault & Violent crimes

  • Costa Mesa Weapons Charge
  • Huntington Beach Domestic Violence
  • Costa Mesa Hit and Run
  • Costa Mesa Arson Charges
  • Gun Law and Charges, Felony Firearm
  • Huntington Beach Stalking
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Assault with Intent to Murder
  • Homicide

Costa Mesa Theft & Property crimes

  • Huntington Beach Shoplifting
  • Federal Crime
  • Receiving Stolen Property
  • Armed Robbery, Burglary
  • Misdemeanor Theft
  • Credit Card Theft

Costa Mesa Post-conviction services

  • Driving License Restoration
  • Parole & Probation Violations

Huntington Beach DUI defense

  • Driver’s License Suspensions & Restorations
  • Felony Drunk Driving
  • Driving While Intoxicated
  • Vehicular Assault and Manslaughter
  • Drunk in Public
  • Child Endangerment

Costa Mesa Drug crimes

  • Huntington Beach Marijuana Crimes
  • Pot Dispensary Violations
  • Making Hash Oil, Honey Oil
  • Prescription Drug Charges
  • Federal and Major Felony Drug Trafficking
  • Huntington Beach Drug Possession
  • Possession with Intent to Deliver
  • Drug Distribution and Sales
  • Drug Cultivation and Manufacturing

Seal Beach White collar crimes

  • Huntington Beach Check Forgery & Fraud
  • Fraud and Embezzlement
  • Huntington Beach Extortion
  • Huntington Beach Credit Card Fraud
  • Medicare and Insurance Fraud
  • Huntington Beach Financial Crimes
  • Huntington Beach Identity Theft
  • Tax Fraud, Tax Evasion

Costa Mesa Elder Abuse & Neglect

Costa Mesa Juvenile Crimes

Federal Crimes


Don't wait for prosecutors to make the first move

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